Becoming a United States Citizen. Barrett Realty interviews Sabine Weyergraf, Owner of Weyergraf Immigration Services, PA

This week we interviewed Sabine Weyergraf, Owner of Weyergraf Immigration Services, PA.
Heather Murphy sits down with Sabine to discuss immigration, the immigration processes, green card, and the current immigration status happening in America.
Weyergraf Immigration’s immigrant (“green card”) services include employment-based green card applications for extraordinary ability (EB-1), professional(EB-2), and skilled workers (EB-3) as well as immigrant investors (EB-5).

They provide assistance with family-based immigration matters such as marriage cases and other family-based petitions, such as green cards for spouses, children, parents and siblings.

For those clients who have barred from re-entering the United States due to prior immigration violations, they prepare waiver applications.

Moreover, Weyergraf Immigration, PA does not stop at assisting you with obtaining your first visa for entry to the United States. Rather, they endeavor to provide their clients with a comprehensive strategy to see their case through to the end by advising their clients how to maintain and extend their nonimmigrant status and what steps need to be taken in order to pursue legal permanent resident status. They seek to assist their clients in avoiding pitfalls created by a highly intricate system of immigration laws and procedures from preventing their access to the American Dream.

Immigration law is a highly charged, complex area of the law in which the lives and livelihood of real, hardworking people are at stake—Weyergraf Immigration knows this firsthand because they have their own immigrant stories to tell from their own families!

Because of this, they will seek to leave no stone unturned in finding a solution for you and will be frank with you about the prospects of success. They make this commitment to you, their client, as this is what they themselves would want from any attorney working on their behalf.

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