Real Estate Auctions

Barrett Realty’s Real Estate Auctions

Real estate auctions are a hybrid between auctions and traditional real estate transactions, rapidly gaining popularity because of their benefits for both sellers and buyers. Working with experts, we took the best features from auctions and traditional real estate, and created a process that works better than any other selling method in any market condition. The resulting process gives buyers and sellers more options when buying or selling real estate.

Why Sell with Barrett Real Estate Auctions

Barrett Real Estate Auctions allow sellers an advantage with a reduced commission when placing their homes on the market. We also continually research the market and value the home according to market value. Our program also allows buyers to search properties and bid on a home directly by multiple means, including a “Buy it Now” option.

Sell or Bid on Florida’s Most Valued Real Estate Auction

Barrett Realty takes pride in having the most valued real estate auctions in Florida. We offer a wide range of residential properties all over the state, whether or not they are in prime locations. Our auction program places both home buyers and sellers at an advantage compared to other real estate auctions. To participate in our real estate auctions, get in touch with us today!

How to Bid on Barrett Real Estate Auctions

Bidding on our real estate auctions is always easy and convenient. With home buyers in mind, we have established a simple process that allows you to bid on a property with only a few clicks.


Once you have decided to bid on a property, click “Bid Now,” which will prompt you to register. You will be asked to enter your credit card information. Your card will not be charged unless in the case of non-compliance.

(If you have concerns about providing your credit card information, you may contact us at 941-745-9999.)


Enter your bid price. Bidding is completed in increments of $1000. You are able to enter more than that, but your bid will only be increased by $1000 at a time.


You won! If you have been notified of the acceptance of your winning bid, you must submit an AS IS contract within 24 hours along with the 3% buyer premium. From this point on, all inspection times and terms will follow the standard Florida real estate contract.

Guaranteed Real Estate Auctions in Florida for Home Buyers and Sellers

Auctions have benefits for buyers and sellers. But just because the format is different does not mean our dedication to service is! We pride ourselves on being experts in the real estate industry, and will continue to bring you the same top-quality service through our auction program. If you are interested in Florida real estate auctions, please browse our available properties and register to bid today!