When it’s time to sell your home, the extra cost of hiring a real estate agent can seem unnecessary. After all, the internet exists! You can handle scheduling showings and place a “For Sale” sign outside of your house. But just like when buying a home, there are many ways a real estate professional can help sell your home and protect you during negotiations.

Experience with Home Pricing

Determining the value of your home on your own can be more difficult than you might think. Everyone has an idea of what they believe their home is worth, but the markets fluctuate daily. There are also value factors that you may not realize your home has! A real estate professional has access to the MLS database and can see exactly what similar homes in your area have sold for recently. This can help accurately determine the value of your home. Working with an agent to sell your home includes their experience and knowledge of the current market. 

Professional Marketing

Real estate agents are very familiar with current trends your home may have which makes it more desirable. They work with experts in photography and staging to create the most appealing listing of your home. This also means your home will be listed on MLS which is where other agents search for homes for buyers they represent. Your agent will work diligently to promote your property. Their experience in marketing a home provides a leg up for you as the seller. 

Expert Contract Negotiation

You’ve accepted an offer! The hard part is over, right? The contract is one of the most important steps in selling your home. An expert agent will ensure the contract you sign protects your interests as the buyer’s agent will do the same. This can require negotiations. Knowing your agent will work for you on contract negotiations can help ease any tension or concerns about moving forward. They will also work diligently to ensure both parties follow the contract and fulfill their end. They will be there with you until closing, taking care of any issues that may arise and keeping you informed during the process.

An Ally on Your Side

For most people, selling or buying a home is a rare event. Contracts change over time, markets shift and the business of real estate changes. Real estate professionals have experience and knowledge that can help ensure the sale of your home goes as easily as possible. With a transaction this important, having an ally on your side can provide assurance and confidence that your home will sell for all it’s worth.

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