I’m ready to buy a home, but why do I need a realtor?

With the developments of websites like Zillow or Realtor.com, it might seem like paying for an agent is unnecessary. Why should you pay for someone to find a house for you when the internet gives you plenty of platforms to do it yourself? An easy way to think of it is this, have you ever had a wedding without a wedding planner? Yes, it’s possible, but boy does it increase the stress – especially the day of the wedding. Having a wedding planner allows the couple to enjoy the day as someone else works in the background to coordinate and deal with issues as they come up. A Real Estate Agent works in the same way.

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An Ally in your Search

It’s an unfortunate myth that a Realtor is much like a travel agent, all they do is search for a home and schedule showings – well you can do that right? Let’s go back to the wedding planner analogy, you can find your own venue, book your own caterer and find your own DJ, but you’re flying blind. Your wedding planner has contacts and experience in the area making many of the issues with finding and booking all you need easier.

In the same way having a real estate agent at your side when looking for a home can change the outcome of your purchase. While you may prefer to search for homes yourself, your realtor will have access to a far more reliable and customizable search with the MLS. Many times, the homes listed on sites like Zillow or Realtor.com are inaccurate. They could be old listings, the prices can be inaccurate, the homes themselves may not actually be for sale. Not to mention the scams!

This can make the search for your home, frustrating. An agent can help your search and help you when negotiating prices on a home. They can prepare comps which can help you determine if the price of the home is actually at market value. This is important information to have before making an offer on a home and could save you a lot of money and hassle. 

Your Experienced Representative

While it’s certainly possible to find the perfect home through those sites, the next step is where having an agent can be crucial. Negotiating a contract can be sticky business. Most people encounter a real estate transaction a few times during their life, often years apart. Laws can change, contracts change, but these are things your realtor will know. Your realtor can be your expert and your representative during your transaction.

This includes ensuring there are no hidden charges, or fees in your contract. A contract in Florida is 12 pages, it’s a lot of material for someone who is unfamiliar with to review. Your agent’s contract knowledge is vital when buying a home. It’s an unfortunate reality that in real estate, just as any industry, not all agents value transparency. Having an agent on your side with the experience and knowledge of real estate transactions can protect you.

Ensures Your Purchase Goes Well

Your agent is also a great resource for local title companies, notaries, and home inspectors. A real estate professional will often work with the same people because they know they are reliable and will ensure everything goes well. Your agent will ensure inspections are scheduled in accordance to the contract, all necessary paperwork is signed and sent to the proper parties; they will walk you through your home purchase from the start until closing date.

If you’ve ever thrown a wedding without a planner (especially the day of), you know the stress and frustration that came by going it alone. Just like your wedding planner, your agent will guide your through your transaction, take care of issues in the background, schedule your inspections – everything required when purchasing a home. The day you close on your house and get your keys should be a special one. A real estate agent can make sure that it is!

Just like in any industry, it’s important to find the right agent for you. Do your research to find top rated brokerages. Interview your agents, ask them about their contract knowledge, what their priorities are as your agent and make sure you get along well with them! 


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